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This site helps people understand the evolving mobile tv technologies that will allow you to watch your favorite TV programs on your cell phone. These capabilities fall into two primary categories. The first, are Internet-capable mobile phones that will stream on-demand programming from sources (services like Hulu or possibly your own stored Tivo content via something like SlingPlayer Mobile through your internet-connected home network) to your web-capable cell phone. The second category involves phones that will be able to receive local broadcast television signals from services like MobiTV. The Open Mobile Video Coalition is working to help establish this new set of mobile tv services. Many people are hoping Apple will provide some connection between their Apple TV platform and iPhones some day.

Cable Companies Streaming TV to Your Cell Phone

Cable companies, like Comcast, are doing their best to hold on to subscribers in the face of competition from the telephone companies and the Internet. They are increasingly planning to enable existing customers to access tv content from their pcs and cell phones at no additional charge.

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Comcast Pushing TV To Phones - The cable company will likely use WiMax to bring television shows to cell phones and smartphones. - InformationWeek - September 16, 2009, Comcast is rolling out mobile services that will deliver television shows to your cell phone or smartphone.

Mobile TV 'very slow' to take off - BBC - August 23, 2009, Maggie Shiels writes about cell phone tv and says local news and sports are some of the more popular programming.

Free mobile TV could be reality by next year - MSNBC - July 17, 2009, Suzanne Choney gives an overview of the coming services that will allow you to watch broadcast TV over your mobile phone.

Comcast Rings Up iPhone App - Multichannel News - July 16, 2009, Comcast just rolled out an iPhone app that will usher in the ability for Comcast subscribers to access their programming.

AT&T and Verizon plan Bay Area mobile TV - San Francisco Business Times - June 23, 2009, the bay area will be one of the first to see new cell phone tv services rolled out. Many people are wondering what services

Cell Phone TV Gears Up With Broadcast Tests - InformationWeek - January 8, 2008, local tv stations announced technical trials to test cell phone tv.